about murphys paddy wagon

How the Wagon Works

How many can the wagon cater for?

The Wagon can cater for up to 200 people on a full pig.

What alcohol is served in the wagon?

The twin axle caravan turned fully functioning bar, features a cooling system that keeps beer and ales at the perfect serving temperature. The wagon also has a bar fridge full of recognised labelled bottles you know and love and a fully stocked back bar which includes optics and all the spirits you would find in a traditional Irish bar.

Is food available at the wagon?

The Irish love to have a nibble whilst they have a drink, and the wagon provides just that. Our brand new hog roasting machine includes a Bain Marie, flat top and serving station with an EHO approved hand wash station.

What sort of event can the wagon be used at?

The wagon is perfect for christenings ,birthdays ,engagements, weddings and group gatherings.

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