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Welcome to Murphys Paddy Wagon

The Reason for The Wagon

Who doesn’t love the sound of an authentic Irish bar? It’s not hard to imagine- a warm, magical, cosy sanctuary where hedonists can congregate, celebrating their mutual love for a pint of Guinness, a sing-song and great conversation.

An Irish Bar is also a place to which people can escape, have a laugh and step out of their day to day lives, a place where the people you are with and the Irish Whiskey in front of you are all that matter.

But unfortunately, here in mainland Britain, access to these notorious places of fun and laughter are not easily found.

That is why we created Murphy’s Paddy Wagon, a place of banter, cheer and joy which can come and start the party wherever you are in the UK. Our aim? To bring a little bit of Ireland anywhere you wish, you don’t even need the luck of the Irish.

Perfect for celebrations, birthdays and christenings our mobile Irish Bar can be set up all over the UK, from Lakeside gatherings to Highland rendezvous.

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Mobile Bar

From granny’s homemade lemonade to Arthur Guinness’s perfect pour, from G and T’s to Pinot G.

This Mobile bar is everything you every hoped it would be, from the craic to the ceol, from the service to the smiles, it’s truly Ireland on an axle.

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The worlds only fully mobile irish pub

Bringing the craic to wherever you are .mountains , lakes ,fields or gardens ,if you can get there

– we can get there

wagon catering service
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We are fully equipped to specialise in hog roasts but we can roast any other animal or bird that takes your fancy.

We also can provide hot-dogs, burgers and spuds .

Quite frankly we can feed all your brethren ,from soups to desserts and everything in between .

Don’t be shy if you have a hankering for something exotic.

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